The Ethical Skeptic

Challenging Pseudo-Skepticism, Institutional Propaganda and Cultivated Ignorance

Tradecraft SSkepticism – “Occam’s Razor”

How Social Skepticism Tradecraft Circumvents the Scientific Method and Targets Specific Forms of Cultivated Ignorance



The first in our series of Social Skepticism Tradecraft techniques, is probably the most common and popular form of pseudoscience plied in the practices of SSkepticism.  In this method, unwanted observations are dealt with by creating a fictitious version of William of Ockham’s “Plurality should not be posited without necessity” wherein the entire Necessity evaluation is skipped, along with key steps of scientific diligence, peer input is tendered in the form of a one-liner and acceptance is communicated by the SSkeptic Cabal as definitive and is tendered immediately after collection of an observation.


In this way, unwanted observations, ideas or data can be disposed of, almost immediately and without any accountability or method whatsoever.

Tradecraft SSkepticism – “Occam’s Razor”

AAA Dis Sci Meth Occ Raz


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