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Tradecraft SSkepticism – “Numerous Scientific Studies”

How Social Skepticism Tradecraft Circumvents the Scientific Method and Targets Specific Forms of Cultivated Ignorance



Next our series of Social Skepticism Tradecraft techniques exists a very prolific resource of media sound bytes and intimidation.  The “numerous scientific studies” quip.  Despite predictive testing being conducted by ethical labs, this is still a form of pseudoscience plied in the practices of SSkepticism.  In this method a single predictive methodology experiment is conducted, which confirms leading indications supporting an idea the Cabal wishes to enforce.  This same experiment is then replicated many times over, with the same variables, controls and results.  The fallacious method resides in the fact that the single predictive experiment falls woefully short of diligent science; a challenge of true skepticism which is purposely never raised or addressed.  The scientific method is ended there, and stamped with the media-friendly moniker “numerous scientific studies indicate.”


Influence or deflect the public’s perception of a problem.  Assemble the Promotification of predictive studies to appear to be science, and package the results in an intimidating but easy to promulgate byte of propaganda to promote a specific refutation or idea to the public at large.

Tradecraft SSkepticism – “Numerous Scientific Studies”

AAA Dis Sci Meth numer scie stud


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