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The Twelve Step Program to Stop Thinking

Social Skepticism’s Hi-jacking of the Free Thinking Movement Targets Humanities and Arts

The Goal of the Free Thinking Movement, as it has been co-opted into Social Skepticism, is to ensure that SSkeptic principles of social engineering are shepherded as well into the cultural centers of the humanities and arts.  Objective SSkepticism, oft a tough sell in the softer disciplines, has crafted the Free Thinking Movement deliberately to tender an acceptable façade (introduced as atheism) compliment to the role of objective minded SSkeptics.  This in an effort to expand their horizons of control beyond those already ruled, specifically the access to science and technology.  The irony resides in the fact that the Social Skepticism movement promotes one religious belief; seeking the elimination of all competing thought, evidence and research from the scientific and social discourse.

There is no such thing as Free Thinking in the Social Skeptic movement.  This is a ruse.  Most Free Thinkers get this.  They have been made very aware of how one will suffer if they step out of line.

Each topic only has one right answer, and ‘doubt’ only rears its head when anything other than that one right answer comes up. That is not Free Thinking in any way shape or form.  It mystifies me why otherwise intelligent people, who assign themselves the moniker of being a “Free Thinker” cannot see the pathway upon which they tread, nor discern the intentions of the bedfellows with whom they have chosen to get cozy.

Social Skepticism’s Twelve Step Program to Stop Thinking

  1. Enforce Nihilism as the one true religion, via the façade of atheism

  2. Patrol media channels/forums to enforce compliance

  3. Career damage/Attack/Publicly mock anyone who dares research eschewed topics or ideas

  4. Armchair dismiss threatening ideas/observations/data/studies

  5. Block access to science by any forbidden avenue of research

  6. All speak the same one-liners, slogans, closed circle recitations

  7. All promote the same political side and party

  8. Ridicule, editorially emasculate competition in public media

  9. Infiltrate education and proselytize children

  10. Marginalize people of ALL competing faiths, worldwide

  11. Screen all candidates for science and academia for adherence/obedience

  12. Monitor professional/educational discourse for non-compliance (with penalties)

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