The Ethical Skeptic

Challenging Pseudo-Skepticism, Institutional Propaganda and Cultivated Ignorance

SSkeptic’s Thesis Pro-Forma

The typical SSkeptic’s propaganda delivery mechanism is a pseudo-intellectual and shill researched pro-forma outlined below.  You will note that nowhere in the tripe expressed by a Deskeption Artist is any semblance of delivery along the lines of value, characterized by containing

  • No Evidence
  • No Honest Personal Reflection
  • No Relevant or Recent Research Data
  • No Effort at Investigation
  • No Objective Balance
  • No Ethical Arguments
  • No Science or Empirical Method
  • No Clarity of Principle
  • No Value Provision

The last two, value and clarity, are the goals of an ehtical skeptic.  They are key tests for the outside impartial true skeptic as to whom is promoting an agenda and whom not to trust.

You will find, as you read articles, publications and blogs that the trained Cabal members learn to write and construct their arguments in similar fashion.  This done in such a way that they can each recognize the patterns of disdain and levels which are dictated by the Cabal concerning the subject at hand.  The contention surrounding String Theory is given a completely different thesis structure and evidential approach than say, the argument around ghosts or the potential need to research the presence of infectious agents inside of vaccine substrates.   Condemned subjects, like condemned men, are handled in very specific and habitual methods.  Below I have outlined the most common hack job thesis structure employed by the SSkeptics who seek to obfuscate, deride and expunge a subject from the scientific discourse.

Remember again, that none of this is science, nor does the technical structure contain any of the necessary disciplines involved in the process of Peer Review or expert commentary.  The typical SSkeptic does not even tender the ethical traits of offering honest personal reflections or seeking grounds of common understanding.  The structure is simply a method of communicating Party Propaganda.  Finally, in your reading of SSkeptic media materials – take note of how many times and in which places they tend to proclaim their superior skills in cognition and sophist role inside the Deskeption Cabal.

The Thesis after all is all about the SSkeptic and their contention of personal intellectual superiority, and not about the subject at hand.  This formulaic approach along with the overriding common thematic basis are enabled by a disdainful regard and vast underestimation of veracity in the mind of the SSkeptic toward a group of eschewed topics.  Thinking the subject easily slain by their superior intellect, the SSkeptic easily then groups all disliked thought into one commonly held belief set, to be subsequently handled with one simple technique of dismissal.  The SSkeptic Thesis Pro-Forma.

SSkeptic Thesis Pro-Forma

I.  Subject Intro and A Priori Conclusion

II.  Thesis: Statement of Membership and Self Aggrandizement

III.  Semantic/Context Shift

IV.  Snicker Attack/Antiquing

V.  Plausible Deniability Extrapolation (argumentum ad ignorantiam)

VI.  Citation from Fellow Cabal Member

VII.  De Rigueur One-Liner

VIII.  If-Then Fallacy

IX.  “Been Disproven Already” Statement

X.  Subject Condemnation

XI.  Restatement of Self Aggrandizement Thesis

This thesis structure is innate practice, lacking peer accountability and review; and as such is habitual Deskeption and pseudoscience.

 – The Ethical Skeptic


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