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An Official ‘Thank You’ to Science Based Medicine

Rookem’s Razor:  All things being equal the most expensive explanation tends to be the correct one

WARNING: The following testimonial constitutes an ‘anecdote’ and cites a resolution based upon actual patient input to doctors. When you have gotten up off the floor after fainting from the horrific pseudoscience of it all, simply click your heels three times and repeat over and over “The plural of anecdote is not data” and it will be all better.

The plural of anecdote is not dataI wasted an entire year and a half and $16,300 pursuing the Science Based Medicine mandated approach for a malady which my Integrative Medicine Practitioner resolved in one appointment, $200 and by means of a supplement. Which now is quackery indeed? Patient success experience or revenue goal oriented scripted shotgun testing?

Were I to practice the Big Healthcare method on the left (chart at bottom) in my labs, I would be committing lab fraud in order to bilk my clients out of artificially prolonged revenue through fake science (see The Seven Forms of Lab Fraud). In Science Based Medicine, fraud is mis-defined as anything that does not revenue serve their cronies, any competing business or anything else they decide that they do not like.

Rest assured, Science Based Medicine is not promoting their view of medical care as a smart option for your consideration. Their plan is to eliminate your choices and control over your own health, independent of the secure revenue pathways for big pharma, big healthcare and their oligarchy cronies profiting from both.

My whole complaint was resolved by one simple supplement. Imagine that.

It is a scam, and a crime of fraud, that I could not have been instructed about this supplement two decades ago. Why? Because hinting that a supplement might help my flank pain might ‘constitute claims of cures or treatments.’  This is how a mafia works. As a result of our sounds-good-on-paper ‘science’ millions of Americans suffer needlessly, and moreover are being held hostage and bilked out of tax and critical household budget dollars to the tune of $23,000 a year and dramatically upwards, to fund a social scam in medicine. Let’s examine how this fraud, actively promoted by Social Skepticism, works.

rookems razorYes, indeed I wanted to send out a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the Science Based Medicine crowd today.  Before I do that however, let me relate the Odyssey the science gods tasked me with in my search to resolve lower left quadrant pain. You see over the last two years I have been experiencing recurrent lower left quadrant pain, commensurate with a whole host of other partially debilitating symptoms; none the least of which included facial sores, dizziness, ear ringing, anxiety, hair color dimming, weakness in my workouts, cold sweats, mental fog. I speak often as part of my living in support of my businesses and those subjects inside which I carry a passion. Anything which negatively affects my pneumogastric nerve and central nervous system is an unwelcome life contributor. Of course this greatly distressed me so I went, in 2013, to my General Practitioner with my complaint. We followed the Big Healthcare, Big Pharma, Science Based Medicine script:

  • All knowledge must be science based only !! and remember, we ARE the science !! Da-dum!! (orchestral bravado…)
  • The plural of anecdote is not data !! (requisite one liner … more orchestral bravado)
  • All advising physicians must be Science Based Medicine approved only (ie. full cost doctors and 5 specialists and 3 week waits for each – no integrative medicine)
  • The SBM approved ‘scientific method’ must be followed: Ask revenue-based questions, test like hell for everything, and start with the big expensive stuff first, motivated by scaring the patient right off the bat that they have cancer. Of course, perform no intelligence or market investigation so that you would know that IBS is skyrocketing right now. Nor do a patient background or complete symptom survey to look for past related maladies.  After all, Big Healthcare has money to be made here. Why waste time looking for more sane and reasoned conclusions? Right?  Meet you for golf at the club later. I’ll show you my new BMW 7 series
  • Only symptom treatments are allowed, as finding underlying causes tends to open up a whole can of worms SBM does not want to broach
  • No supplements are allowed as they are all quackery
  • No communication to me, as patient, is allowed which might hint that a substance could alleviate a symptom or help resolve a cause. It is critical that I stay ignorant.
  • Big Medicine, Big Healthcare, Big Pharma and SBM controlled healthcare cost loaded solutions (quadruple cost) are the only ones authorized
  • No input from fellow sufferers is allowed (whip out the unquestioned MiHoDeAL Claim and feel all ‘sciencey;’ like you just improved the world with righteous denial brilliance)

 Thank you Science Based MedicineWell sadly, after 26 weeks, nothing worked. I was told that I “must have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).” This is the pandemic malady from which a growing number of people suffer; and we have no idea what even causes it. Of course my pain simply comes from “an increase in awareness” as well, for we have to remember that when Science Based Medicine puts out a claim, it does not have to be justified – simply promulgated to the masses unquestioned (see Appeal to Skepticism Fallacy). IBS is the diagnosis of last resort after all the money avenues have been exhausted. Now I must learn to live with my IBS, ‘cuz there is no cure.  It is simply the ‘luck of the draw’ genetically. Nothing in the environment causes it, certainly not glyphosate, and nothing you can do about it. Your pain, slight fever, dizziness, and mental fog are all from panic attacks! Yes that is it, our favored conclusive hypothesis is one which cannot be tested for falsification!  Yay! Plenty of predictive science to suggest this – and stands as imperative proof that you are just weird – we are done! Yay for Science!

I was told to start to meditate and learn to control your ‘triggers,’ and ‘episodes,’ as a good portion of this is psychological and really, your fault anyway, for worrying too much.  Cut down on sugar, coffee, fast food and soft drinks, and exercise more.  Oh? You run 4 miles a day now and don’t do any of these things?  Well, meditate more and take these two new prescriptions.  An antispasmodic for your pain, and a relaxer to stop your panic attacks and over worrying. These two are a mere $92 a month more on top of your other medical costs.  A drop in the bucket really.

This year, when it started flaring up again, I went to my Integrative Medicine Practitioner this time. She said: “This sounds an awful lot like stomach HCL Insufficiency. You had h. pylori after one of your Far East projects, and it can wreak havoc in your stomach. Your digestive system is not putting out enough hydrochloric acid. As a result your undigested food is putrefying in your small intestine and causing a whole host of immune, allergic reactions and pain from that point on in your gastrointestinal tract.  Get an HCL/Betain supplement and make sure you take 1000 – 2000 mg with each meal.”

Oh my GAWD, my Holistic/Integrative Practitioner recommended a supplement! Oh the quackery!!

Wow, after two years of misery and health degradation, problem solved. All symptoms are abated and even my hair color is growing robust again.  But I am so much more educated you know?  And I have Science Based Medicine to thank for that education.  Hell, a $16,300 education.  That is 1/5th of the cost of my graduate degree! So I had to learn something, right?! Otherwise I would have never experienced the educational menagerie of things you can do, when you have lots of tools, billable pathways and rote formulas at hand, but don’t have a clue what you are doing.

My Holistic/Integrative Practitioner ended up solving it.  And do you know how she gained this research intelligence about the solution? Patient Input! Oh the plural anecdote of it all!

Were I to practice the method on the left of the 2013 to 2014 comparative chart (above right) in my labs, I would be committing lab fraud in order to bilk my clients out of artificially prolonged revenue through fake science. Yes, I own and have owned several science research and application development labs through the years.  In those operations, I could never ethically perform the list on the left under REAL science.

But this is Science Based Medicine, we do not have to practice ethical methodology. Because in Science Based Medicine, fraud is defined as anything we do not like.

Oh, and one small note:  If you have an entry in your records, even one instance that you were referred to one of the specialists on the left in the chart above, and you DID NOT follow the doc’s referral, then you will be declined for health insurance when you apply later in life – say 20 years later – even if you are fine now.  I know this from experience having managed several company health insurance plans for my employees.  The Health and Pharma industry just cannot seem to get your history of records readily available to the doctors for your health needs, like my doctor could not look up the fact that I had h. pylori in my history, that might have saved me lots of money in this case.  But the industry can sure make a DETAILED history readily available for the insurance companies off of which to make money.

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No You are Not an Atheist, You are a Nihilist

hello we are atheists - CopyIf you come to me presenting a program near and dear to my heart, supporting healthcare development for women and children and mitigating teen pregnancy on the African continent, then I am going to be very interested.  But if subsequently you insist that the only way for me to do this, is to give to your foundation where ‘it’s all god’s anyway,’ and ‘god loves a cheerful giver,’ well then you are just selling your religion in the name of charitable works. I will feel I have been misled.
In the same way, if you come to me and ask me to support an atheist organization, something near and dear to my heart, then I am going to be interested. But if subsequently you insist that we are simply meat robots, and that ‘self’ is proved by science to be an illusion of neurofunction, and then rattle off the long list of things you disdain because ‘there is no such thing and I am stupid if I even consider any of the ideas,’ well then you are worse than the religious peddler.  First, because science is not even close to proving or even researching any of these things, second, because you are peddling a personal conclusive cosmology in the name of atheism, third, your cosmology is at least in part based on arrogant disdain for those unlike you, and finally, you are not even honest enough to be forthright about what it is you are actually selling me. I will feel I have been misled.
Yes Virginia, you are a Nihilist. You are cryptically selling me Nihilism, not atheism. No manner of compositional exclusion, special pleading nor Lie of Allegiance obsession over ancient history, inquisitions, holy wars or fundamentalist theism is going to belie this fact. You may fool those who have not been trained in graduate level philosophy, however you betray your dishonesty or lack of training therein, by means of your denial, to those who have been trained (See Margold’s Law). A dishonest Nihilist will claim that they are not a Nihilist, and moreover will hide under a shroud of philosophical atheism in order to protect and promote their religion.


(/ˈn.ɨlɪzəm/ or /ˈn.ɨlɪzəm/; from the Latin nihil, nothing) is a philosophical doctrine that suggests the negation of one or more of the reputedly meaningful aspects of life.†

lie of allegiance2The following constitutes a practical application proof of why this definition of the term is correct, and why there exist many, who claim to be atheists, yet in fact are Nihilists. This begins with three foundational epistemological bases for nihilism as a philosophy which result in only one practical application of the philosophy, followed by its practiced result in terms of the specific tenets of Nihilism which are sold today as a religion.

Nihilism as a Philosophy

Fundamental Nihilism

1. There exist no theoretical domain sets regarded as a value – or ‘ought to’ statement family; neither dependent to a culture, man or entity of reference, nor independent of them.

1ƒ.  There cannot exist such a value or values.¹

Metaphysical Nihilism

2.  There exists the possibility of a complete or partial nothingness to aspects of the world.

2ƒ.  There cannot exist any state but nothingness.²

Nihilist Romanticism

1´.  However, we may choose as an exception to artificially construct such value sets as the conscious will of our skeptical, empirical and scientific collective thought might deem acceptable.

1ƒ´.  The question of whether such values can exist or not is moot.¹

2´.  However, the applicability of the validity of nothingness as a basis of verity for our metaphysical or ontological reality, is moot in a social discourse because the social discourse already assumes the impotence of such an argument.

2ƒ´.  The mandatory state of nothingness is also therefore moot, and no Gnosis of Judgement is passed to its favor or denial; because of the lack of utility in its argument.

3 and 3´.  Immaterial to 1´, there can exist a personal ontological principle of Existential Nihilism as an optional subset of Nihilist Romanticism. The personal regard that life has no inherent meaning must be adjudicated in terms of objective application of its tenets in social discourse.  The term ‘meaning’ must be defined in a context before applicability can be determined.² Therefore the argument reverts back to the definition of the term ‘meaning’ and merges Existential Nihilism back into the primary thematic definition being supported.

Therefore, the practical social application of Nihilism, resides solely inside the context of Nihilist Romanticism – as Fundamental, Existential and Metaphysical Nihilism cannot deliver components of value or clarity in a social functioning or epistemological context.

Axiom 1:  All Nihilists are Nihilist Romanticists, by practical default. Whether or not one is an Existential Nihilist is irrelevant as it holds no epistemological gravitas.

Axiom 2:  The claim that Nihilism consists exclusively of Fundamental, Existential and/or Metaphysical Nihilism, is a strawman fallacy and fallacy of composition.

Axiom 3:  To claim personal exemption from Nihilism through the rejection of simply one or a few of its tenets, constitutes special pleading and/or a fallacy of compositional exclusion.

In other words, were I a practitioner and member of the Muslim faith, yet I made the personal claim to not be a Muslim, and justified this by citing that I did not support Shia Islam, or I did not adhere to one of the Five Pillars of the Faith (The testimony of the faith, fervent prayer, giving of the zakat (support of the needy), fasting during the month of Ramadan, and the pilgrimage to Makkah once in a lifetime), I would be making several errors.  First, I would commit a fallacious claim of special pleading in order to leverage my preference in tenets to stand as self representation in denial of being a Muslim. Were I to claim that all Muslims must only be Shia, in order to exclude myself from its broader categorization, I have made a fallacy of compositional exclusion.

Most honest religious Abrahamists will not undertake such a deception on their part.  However, a dishonest Nihilist will claim when challenged that they are not a Nihilist, and moreover will conceal this reality under a shroud of philosophical atheism as both a protection and promotion vehicle for their religion.

Therefore the primary definition of Nihilism is correct, and is the only practical, definition of Nihilism.

…negation of one or more of the reputedly meaningful aspects of life.†³

Nihilism as a Religion

3fc8523005Two features convert philosophical epistemological nihilism into the more commonly plied religion of Nihilism:

A. I reject categorically one or more concepts of ontological or existential meaning, which are generally recognized as cultural, ephemeral, occulted or possible enlightenments upon Mankind.

B. I contend without merit, that my rejection of this/these concepts is based on an external standard reference of rationality, evidence, higher acumen, sanity or science.

Once one has made the decision to reject the meaningful aspects of life which others hold dear, in absence of an empirical backing and basis to this decision, one has become a Nihilist.  Now I may not choose to venerate Gautama Buddha or the Tao (there are no gods in the Tao), but that does not make me a Nihilist; as this may simply constitute a religious preference.  However, if I reject the notion of any form of higher spiritual plane or existence or the possibility of enlightenment expanding beyond that which the corporeal mind can measurably elicit, then I have adopted a non-preferential exclusion of an aspect of meaning.  I have adopted a tenet of Nihilism.

Most Nihilists are reluctant to acknowledge that science remains mute on avenues of research inside or around which very little measurement can be affected/effected. This does not mean that science has categorically rejected any idea which it cannot measure or influence, it simply has maintained the discipline of the Epoche´ – a mute disposition. It has nothing to say on the matter. Science is Ethically Skeptical. Nihilists are not.

A Nihilist enacts a religious practice once he or she has implied, stated or sought to have others infer that science has vetted their personal choice to reject a categorical concept of meaning, through rigorous empirical bases.

If I personally reject the notion that there is such a thing as gods – in any form of definition – that is a personal philosophy of atheism.

If I personally have no idea as to whether or not gods exist – in any form of definition – that is a personal philosophy of agnosticism.

If I personally have no idea what a god is – and find it irrelevant whether or not anyone rejects any or all chosen definitions of such – then that is a personal philosophy of ignosticism.

Therefore, the three personal philosophies of atheism, agnosticism and ignosticism are generally not regarded to constitute religions.

The Tenets of Religious Nihilism (Any or All of the Following)

A. If however, I personally reject the notion that there is such a thing as gods – in any definition – and imperiously contend that rationality, science, sanity, evidence or higher acumen has proved this out – this is a religious tenet of Nihilism.

In similar fashion, and as is very commonly the case with postmodern nihilism, this includes as well such dictates as:

B. Imperious rejection of the existence of any alternative dimensionality to our metaphysical naturalist existence

C. Imperious rejection of an increase in total information held within the measurable/observable universe

D. Imperious rejection of any alternative life forms aside from those which hold an exclusive common ancestry with our phylogeny

E. Imperious rejection of any form or survival of consciousness aside from neurofunction or after physical death of the brain

F. Imperious rejection of any form of knowledge aside from that which the physical brain can store, categorize and comprehend

G. Imperious rejection of any extant life forms of any kind which have or are currently visiting planet Earth from any other locality

H. Imperious rejection of the idea that Mankind’s impact on the universe has been detected by external observers of any kind

I. Imperious rejection of any repeatedly observed species which has not been recognized by academic skepticism

J. Imperious rejection of any exchange of information which does not pass via an acknowledged metaphysical naturalist form of medium

K. Imperious rejection of ethical or moral standards independent of those selected/adopted by our culture

L. Imperious rejection (with some exceptions) of the observations, ideas, contributions or constructs of those outside of skepticism and science

M. Imperious rejection of ideas on health which have been purported by laymen, however which have not been studied by recognized science

N. Imperious rejection of the idea that substantive reality, aside from a biochemical basis, surrounds love or any form of human interpersonal values

O. Imperious rejection of the idea of access to any form of higher spiritual or technological being on the part of humans or humanity

P. Imperious rejection of the ideal of spiritualism in any form (save for a pseudo-mystical form of moralism)

Q. Imperious insistence that my consciousness and self awareness is an illusion of neurofunction, and that all this stems from my being a meat robot

R. Imperious a priori denial of any and all bodies of evidence, independent of actual merit of such study, which could potentially falsify a tenet of Nihilism (above).

Practice of any or all of the above non-scientific means of controlling/influencing others, or establishing a culture of hate around people who do not adhere to this, is a religion plain and simple. This religion is just as deadly and murderous as the Abrahamic religions after which it modeled itself.  No wonder Nihilists deny that they are Nihilists.  Sorry Virginia, yes, you are indeed a Nihilist.

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¹  Nozick, Robert; Philosophical Explanations, The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1981, ISBN 0-674-66448-5; pp. 552-558.

²  Rosen, Stanley, Editor; The Philosopher’s Handbook: A User’s Guide to Western Philosophy, Random House, Inc., New York, NY, 2000; ISBN 978-0-375-72011-6; pp. 120, 179-180.

³ The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is copyright © 2014 by The Metaphysics Research Lab, Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI), Stanford University, Library of Congress Catalog Data: ISSN 1095-5054

†  Nihilism (article under a series on Certainty), Wikipedia

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Methodical Cynicism: The Lyin’tific Method

SSkepticism.  We do the science, so science doesn’t have to.
I have developed my most comprehensively descriptive structure of the typical Social Skeptic article ‘researching’ a pluralistic topic of consideration which they do not favor. Herein, I have entitled its embodied circumvention of science, The Lyin’tific Method. Enjoy :)
It should be understood that the use of this presentation in no way implies or expresses The Ethical Skeptic’s endorsement of the special interest subject surrounding its presentation; and Second, the full presentation should be given without alteration, and with full credit to The Ethical Skeptic as the author.

The Lyin’tific Method

/ noun, unethical practice / : A method of cultivating ignorance through corruption of the process which regulates data collection, sponsorship, research, review and communication of scientific understanding. The exploitation of a denial network mandating a personal religious belief set while at the same time tendering an affectation of science.

As always, you are free to use this presentation addendum, within a limited rights set under these conditions. Use of the presentation stands as your acceptance of these terms.

(Note: This is an addendum to version 3.1 of the presentation on Methodical Cynicism)

Thanks!  ~TES

The Lyin'tific Method

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Methodical Cynicism: The Presentation

I have been asked several times if I could prepare a presentation for persons to use when they discourse the subject of skepticism at various special interests meetings. I am happy to do so, with two conditions. First, it should be understood that the use of this presentation in no way implies or expresses The Ethical Skeptic’s endorsement of the special interest subject surrounding its presentation; and Second, the full presentation should be given without alteration, and with full credit to The Ethical Skeptic as the author.

Methodical Cynicism

/ noun, unethical practice / : A method of cultivating ignorance through corruption of the process which regulates our social and scientific understanding. The exploitation of denial mandating a personal religious belief set while at the same time tendering an affectation of science.

Otherwise you are free to use this presentation within a limited rights set under these conditions. Use of the presentation stands as your acceptance of these terms. Below is a 10 page summary of Methodical Cynicism.

(Note: This is version 3.1 below. For those who downloaded a previous version of the presentation)

Thanks!  ~TES











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Your Self is a Mere Illusion of Neurofunction

We Are the Science 2

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